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Chamber of Commerce Website Maintenance

While Byte Outfitters didn’t design this site, we’re very proud the LZ Area Chamber of Commerce asked us to maintain their website. The organization uses our services to keep the back-end well maintained and secure. This has included things such as installing an SSL certificate and updating software and the site theme. We also monitor the security and backup solutions so we can be confident the site is protected and secure. We’re proud to be a member of this organization and their choice to use us for their maintenance services.

The site runs on the WordPress content management system and interfaces with a third party service for chamber member management.

The website maintenance services we provide this chamber of commerce include:

  • Routine site maintenance
  • SSL certificate installation and reconfiguration
  • WordPress, plugin and theme updates and testing as required
  • Security and backup monitoring

Learn more about Byte Outfitters and the website maintenance services we offer.